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We are the Nature Conservation Group for the area around Prestwood, including Great Missenden,
The Hampdens, The Kingshills, North Dean and Speen

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Prestwood Nature aims to protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment through the involvement of local people.

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Hemiptera (Plant Bugs)

Hawthorn shieldbug195 species have been recorded in recent years, including one Notable A and four Notable B species.  One formerly Red Data Book species, the Box Bug, which was once restricted to Box Hill in Surrey, has in the last two decades greatly expanded its range, and also the range of plants it will live on.  It is now quite common in our area, especially among the yews in Prestwood parish churchyard, and other scrubby places. There are numerous types of shield-bug, the larger and generally more conspicuous members of the order.  The Nettle Groundbug can be abundant on nettles, the sap of which it sucks through its needle-like mouthparts.  Most of these bugs feed on plants (like the familiar aphid), but a few feed on aphids and other insects, including one of our commonest, the common flower bug.  Aquatic members of the order include many varieties of Water-boatman, Water Stick-insect, Water Measurer and Saucer Bug.